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Yearly Rate

  • Acrobatics major: $5000 USD / year
  • Other programs: $4500 USD / year

Yearly rate is available to long term students who study for at least one year.

Month Rate

  • $650 USD times number of months

Group Rates

  • A small group of at least 3 students applying and coming together gets a 10% discount of tuition.
  • A big group of at least 10 students applying and coming together gets a 15% discount of tuition.

The tuition is paid yearly before classes start. Please go to a bank in Beijing to convert your currency to Chinese yuan for your tuition and daily expenses. Due to the daily fluctuation of currency exchange rates, the bank usually offers you a "buy" rate that is a few percent points off the midpoint rate. The school requires the tuition in the full amount, while the student is expected to prepare a few percent of extra budget to cover the loss from the exchange "buy" rate. The following are the methods of payments:

  1. The first option is wire transfer. You can open your own account at a bank in Beijing. Then you can wire a transfer from your home bank to your new account. It takes about 2 business days for the wired money to reach your new account. Then you can use your bank account in Beijing to pay for tuition and other expenses.
  2. Credit cards, such as MasterCard and Visa card. This is the second convenient means.
  3. Cash, that is no more than $5000 USD or equivalent. Amount over $5000 needs to be declared at the custom.

It is a good idea to prepare for all these types of payments if possible. For example, you can carry credit cards, bank card and some cash with you. If there is a hold time on electric transactions, you can use the cash to cover the first month's tuition and living expense at least.

On Time Payment: If your study term is shorter than a year, the tuition and fees should be paid in full at the time of enrollment. If your term of study is longer than a year, tuition and fees should be paid on a yearly basis. Late payments can result in suspension of class.

on campus living

The school provides furnished dorms for 2 persons for about 750 yuan (about $125 dollars) per month. There is a deposit of 2000 yuan ($350 dollars) at the time of moving in the dorm. The deposit will be returned in full if there is no damage at the time of moving out. There is a one time non-refundable move-in fee of 650 yuan (about $105 dollars) to cover the cost for new beddings and etc. For example, if you live in the dorm for 3 month the total cost would be 650 + 750 x 3 = 2900 yuan (about $475 dollars). A/C, heating and other utilities are installed. Television, washroom, shower, desks and beds are equipped. High speed internet is provided, but you need to bring your own ethernet cable. The Internet is connected through a socket, not WiFi. Beddings (linens, quilts, pillows, blankets) and towels are provided. Our school staff manage to exchange and clean the linens, towels and other washables every week. Students can use the school's washing machine for laundry of own clothes.


The dining at school cafeteria costs about $50/month. (The following currencies are accepted: US dollar, Euro or British .)


The school provides accidental insurance covering injuries in classes. About 530 students have joined the group accidental insurance, covering 80% of medical costs above 50 yuan (down payment). The premium is about 240 yuan (40 US dollars) per year.

Medical expenses from health problems incurred apart from classes need to be paid by students themselves. A student can purchase his/her own medical insurance or travel insurance. Beijing has a few big insurance companies that carry medical and travel insurance plans. You can also purchase an insurance plan from an insurance company at your home country.

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